January 28, 2013

blog wunderlust: 28th January 2013

We will never solve the housing problems of Africa if architects do not shift their concerns to the development of locally manufactured systems and materials that inform design and improve our way of life.
Joe Addo

Architects apply high design to high tides | Is an Architect Entitled to Copyright Protection? | Architect Eduardo Souto de Mouro among Wolf Prize winners | The shipping container: now a 3-storey house | Five Facts on the Housing Construction Rebound | Learn Architect-Speak Online | Graffiti Church: Artist Hense Gives Place Of Worship A Wildly Colorful Makeover | Sketch + Draw + Model - The Coffee House

controversy: University of Minnesota Launches New Degree: High School to Licensed Architect in Seven Years

last word: Architect Brian Lewis (acla:works) has launched his architectural photography website, called Lumis Photography

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