December 25, 2012

Android for Architects & Designers

With the introduction of Google's chromebook, a laptop device running their mobile Android operating system and manufactured by Samsung & Acer, we are seeing the possible rise of a third computer choice for architects and designers.

Already there are a number of apps created for mobile devices running Android, but now being extended to laptops and the support of Google's ever-increasing market and open source options, this offers a widening of the potential for AEC fields. Autodesk is aware of the market in Android mobile computing and has produced a number of apps for this emerging market including AutoCAD WS, 360 Mobile and Sketchbook Pro.

Here is a list of other useful apps:

Bimshare - described as the easiest way to share your building model online. This app, acquired by  Gehry Technologies in 2012, allows Architects and Engineers to share models, concepts and ideas with teams on BIM projects Your models display beautifully in your browser can view by story, show and hide individual parts of the building or view only parts of a certain type. Supports ifc files.

Redstick - This app allows users to measure buildings using anything from a tape measure to a bluetooth laser measuring device and accurately store that information in an electronic format. The files integrate with any cad software in either a 2D or 3D format and can any opened with any BIM/CAD application including ArchiCAD, REVIT, Microstation or Architect.

Smart Tools Pro is an all-in-one package of 15 apps including a rulers, levels, compasses, flashlights, protractors, etc. This collection of apps allows you to measure lengths, angles, distances, heights, directions and sounds with your phone. The app also allows you to add more tools as they become available.

Design Dimensions Pro - a reference tool for design professionals that features an extensive visual database with dimensions of commonly referenced items. The app allows users to navigate through hundreds of illustrated items to find the exact information you are looking for.

iConfirm - this project management app allows users to create change orders, disclaimers, timelines, memoranda and other documents remotely. Documents can be built, signed and saved to the application and distributed in PDF format.


AAREN said...

Very informative article.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet music to a designers ears.

P Joe said...

Binfer is probably one of the easiest way to send cad models. Visit for details.



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