October 27, 2012

Cheap Home Decor Ideas

Is your home in need of an upgrade? On a budget? Don’t worry, here are eights tips on easy fixes that won’t cost a ton of money.

  1. Add an accent color to the room. Choose a color that harmonizes or contrasts well with the existing colors of the room. Then, add the color in interesting ways. A candle, curtain ties, throw pillows, new rugs, covered lamp shades, picture frames, book spines and vases are all ways to add highlights to a dull room.
  2. Add a big, bright new rug or several area rugs. There are many colors and designs, so shop around and find a few that suit the existing décor. Rugs should be anchored with a chair, end table, desk or coffee table so they don’t look like an after-thought. They can define a sitting area or add a focal point. Many rugs have non-skid backing and can be put almost anywhere.
  3. Put some plants around the house. Plants create a soothing atmosphere by bringing nature close to the living environment. Houses that are surrounded by beautiful gardens may not want more inside, but the décor of stark apartments can be greatly enhanced by plants. Some plants actually scrub the air in the room and remove toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene, which are commonly given off by carpets and furniture glues. Some plants can serve another purpose and be fresh ingredients for cooking. Plants need care; after all they are living creatures, so find out how they should be treated.
  4. Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls of a room. If that is too much, just paint one wall an accent color. If that is still too much, just paint the door, bookcase and around the windows. Paint can lighten up a room with off-white or neutral colors or brighten it up with vivid colors. Even with the same old furniture, freshly painted walls make the room feel new. Home improvement loans are available for this kind of upgrade.
  5. Find a way to minimize the objects in a room. Clutter is never attractive unless it is on purpose and well-coordinated. If clutter can be removed by hiding it or putting it in storage and the room reduced to the bare essentials, there is a good chance the room will look new. Storage containers can be creative such as a baskets or bins that are attractive, but the best way it to get the clutter out of sight. Organize shelves and reduce the amount on each shelf and remove any furniture that is rarely used. An uncluttered room is the perfect background for any of the above suggestions.
  6. Put some art on the wall. It doesn’t have to be expensive art; it just needs to be attractive. One wall can be chosen to exhibit a selection of paintings or photographs of different sizes arranged in a unique presentation. Any collections or heirlooms that can be displayed on a wall can also make an interesting and attractive focal point for the room’s décor. There’s no rule for what should be displayed, but it should be displayed in a harmonious arrangement.
  7. Change the lighting. If the room is lit by a central bulb, it will greatly enhance the ambience by adding table lamps. Lights can add warmth to a bare room and highlight certain areas such as a comfortable chair or an arrangement of chairs for intimate chats. Depending on what is outside the windows, it may be a good idea to get rid of curtains altogether and let in the natural light. There are inexpensive blinds that are attractive and modern that will give privacy and still allow more natural light.
  8. Make a small room bigger with an eye-catching wall mirror. The bigger the better as long as it has an attractive frame and an appropriate wall. Wall mirrors come in all sizes and have frames of wood, metal or leather and are also frame-less. Several mirrors of various sizes and shapes well arranged on a wall will add interest, light and may be easier to find than good art.

Authors Bio:

Brent Wayne is a 22 years old housing and finance writer. He mostly spends his time writing blog posts and editorials for Mortgageloan.com. Do send him a nudge over at brentzie@gmail.com if you'd like to say hello.


jelly andrews said...

Thanks for sharing those tips. I think in the kind of economy we have, it is really a must to find ways to make our home looks amazing without spending much. If we were just resourceful, creative and imaginative, I am sure we will come out with something great for our homes.

DIY net curtains said...

You can now find several home decor ideas on interior design websites and magazine and most of them are modern style.

Wall sticker said...

Love this blog! We just rented a new place and it needs to be furnished, and this is soooo handy!

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