August 8, 2011

blog wunderlust : 8th August 2011

The present-day monopoly of the architect has to do with the fact that there is no real theory, but merely a set of pseudo-theoriesä in other words, observations which only reflect the preferences of their authors.
Yona Friedman
Carmageddon in Los Angeles: The closure of the 405 | DBPA's 'Multi-Tasking Ban' | How to grow a Garden City | How to build your own living structures | Will Alsop leaves RMJM | Fiscal Woe Haunting Baltimore Poe House | 1 Million Dead in 30 Seconds | The 10 best street art works - in pictures | Architecture – modernism v traditionalism | RIP: Douglas Garofalo, 1958-2011 | An uptown twist for UNCC

last word: With Funhouse office, MVRDV turns a punishing job into a joy

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