August 15, 2011

blog wunderlust : 15th August 2011

we want to create a clear, organic architecture, whose inner logic will be radiant and naked, unencumbered by lying facades and trickeries
Walter Gropius

The Ten College Campuses with the Best Architecture | Why Architects Shouldn't Build Condos out of Glass And People Shouldn't Buy Them | John Pawson’s Majestic Minimalism in L.A. | Children's Park will get a needed face-lift | Design + Build: It cost what it cost | ‘Not So Big’ concept works in Illinois | RIP: Troppo Architects director Lena Yali | Slide-S: Egypt’s Solar Green House | Security concerns trump architectural grace

last word : First Drafts - Architect Ricardo Porro on His Project for Fidel Castro

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