July 13, 2011

House of the Week 118: Small House

Designed by New York based architects Cooper Joseph Studio, the Small House sits amongst an orchard of newly planted olive trees on a site overlooking the Dry Creek Valley near Sonoma, California. The 80m2 house embodies rich layers of detail & texture despite its small size; the simple programme - a bedroom, a kitchen and a living room are made beautiful through a reduced palette of zinc and gray stained oak.


Andrew said...

Great find. It's nice to see small, efficient examples of residential architecture.

Unknown said...

The house may be small but the space is maximized and utilized very well. It is very well-lit because of the up-to-the ceiling windows that can save you tons of money! It also helps the house to look bigger and more spacious. I only wish that I had the same view as yours.

Cherise Frias

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