May 2, 2011

blog wunderlust : 2 May 2011

Architecture is an act of love, not a stage set. It is the power of invention, of creation which allows man to give the best that is in him to bring joy to others.
Le Corbusier

architecturally inspired jewelry | Huge Subsidy for Stadium Architect | 15 best bedrooms on film | 10 Surreal Botanical Spaces From Around the World | A cross-Section of Canal Street, NYC by Alan Wolfson | Taliesen @ 100 | Seeking Skeuomorphs | Frank Harmon: The Taliesin Experiment | Sticks and stones: can architects be built in the classroom? | the most ridiculed works of public art |

last word: Currently I'm reading the Secret Lives of Buildings a central theme shared in blog post Architectural Ecology

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