June 29, 2010

new work ::: Granada Science Park

The project is an extension to the Granada Science Park in Spain designed by the collaborative efforts of architects Carlos Ferrater & Jiménez-Brasa (Eduardo Jiménez & Yolanda Brasa). The scheme is defined by a large roof covering the terrain, suggesting a new topography and connects over 48,000 m2 of different programmatic pieces (laboratories, health sciences, auditoriums and exhibition spaces).

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Thalia in Jamaica said...

great work as always, D. Couple of things - could you put a few more explanatiions for the architecture enthusiasts who aren't quite there yet? Like why is Mr. so and so, the interviewee in the video so great? what is he lauded for? also, I really need to understand 'on the boards'

found some interesting stuff too (on my own)

Love ya!!

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