December 14, 2009

blog wunderlust : 14 December 2009

Lady Gaga Gehry | Swarovski Crystal Palace | top 10 buildings of the decade and the top 5 architectural bloopers | RIP FOA | rethinking Dubai | Italian Prime Minister attacked with a cast model of the Duomo Cathedral in Milan ( not the The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore as previously stated) | bigger buildings may not be better

new links ::: an international architecture guide for your iPhone and a site devoted to leadholders and mechanical pencils

It is essential to an architect to know how to see: I mean to see in such a way that the vision is not overpowered by rational analysis.
Luis Barragan

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untitled said...

I believe Berlusconi was struck with a souvenir model of the duomo in Milan, not Florence.

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