November 3, 2009

product review ::: Snap It!

Product Review a new monthly feature where we review products to enhance the modern architectural practice.

SnapIt is a software by Digeus Inc is described as an easy to use screen capture software that allows the user to easily capture anything on the screen including windows, menus, full screen, rectangular regions, web pages and image shots of moving images. SnapIt enhances the print screen tool common on most computers by allowing the user to select exactly what image on the screen they wish to save. This process eliminates the need to open images in a photo editing programme to crop the bits you don't need.

The software developers of SnapIt suggest that bloggers and web designers will find the most benefit. However because of the wide reaches of the print screen function it allows for the saving of on-screen images, which in often case for the architectural practice means images of drawings and renderings can be effortlessly shared across different platforms and software without complicated conversions. Files can be saved in a variety of file formats including jpeg, bmp, png and tiff formats.

The trial version is available for download here

1 comment:

namhenderson said...

Ha, Archi, we use this all the time at my work. Mainly for taking screen-shots fro documenting process and troubleshooting.

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