November 17, 2009

happy birthday Rem

Today is the 65th birthday of Dutch architect and 2000 Pritzker Prize Laurette Rem Koolhaas and at an age when most have to legally retire he seems to be going as strong as ever and such I've decided to do a post devoted specifically to all things Rem. Happy Birthday.

1975 ::: sets up the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)

2000 ::: awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize

2005 ::: completes the CASA Musica in Porto, Portugal

House of the Week 40 ::: Villa Dall'Ava , Rem caricatured , more random OMA stuff, construction photos of the CCTV in China, the OMA proposal for North Sea wind farm, the Interlace Housing, from the loins of Rem Koolhaas, an incomplete list

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