November 27, 2009

17 words of architectural inspiration

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The Architect said...

This talk is a must watch for every student of Architecture. It enforces certain inalienable truths.

One of them is definitely as Arch Daniel Libeskind and any other great lecturer, professor, teacher of Architecture will tell any student - "The computer should respond to your hand." What we think can always be best described when our pencils touch paper. As a student who many times, has had a fear of not being able to adequately accurately reproduce what is in my head, this reinforces a simple point - throw away all fear, leap and draw. It's the best way to get out of you what's inside.

I also agree that Architecture should be risky and complex - reflecting how the world can be and who we are as human beings. However, the many examples of his own work, that Libeskind cites in his talk provoke another line of thought, which is this-

If everything that is built is complex, pointed, and risky, then nothing will be.

All built forms cannot reflect the instability of human character and life. If it did, there would be chaos. Whether we would like to believe it or not, a sense of order must pervade every society and a set of principles adhered to. If you don't believe me, examine any revolution that has taken place in the world. When the dust has settled, a new governance is established as well as a pattern of life and laws.

I believe that one of the responsibilities of Architecture is to aid in maintaining a stable society where it's occupants can find fulfillment in a daily routine and positively add to the community and wider society that they are a part of.

Similarly, some buildings should respond to this 'responsibility' by reflecting the positive aspects of the physical context in which they are being introduced.

To ignore context completely, I believe is irresponsible. However, I do think it possible that a street or city landscape can respond to the risk by creating a progressive 'morphing'of building form. In simple terms - on street with 10 buildings, building one would be typical, building 10 would be atypical and building 5 would be the equal harmonious blend of the two.

Call me a conformist, but that's my two cents.

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