September 3, 2009

on the boards: National Library of Kazakhstan

Copenhagen based architects BIG have been awarded first place in the design of the new National Library of Kazakhstan. Inspired by the mobius strip, the outer skin of the building twists, so that the walls eventually become a ceiling, and outside surfaces curve inside.

more here


Mette said...

That looks amazing. Can't wait to see it live!

Anonymous said...

Please note that BIG Architects plagiarized the design. The design was registered in the United States by Anwar Al-Mallah in 2003. BIG Architects submitted and won a prize for copyrighted work they shamelessly stole and presented as their own. Type “Mobius Building Anwar” in Google and see page 5 of the article at “” then you’ll see who the real Mobius Building designer is, or visit the U.S Copyright office and search for Mobius Building.

Essentially Bjarke Ingels ripped off Anwar’s design claiming it as his.

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