May 31, 2009

What's in a Name?

The following is a critique written by Sutherland Lyall in the Architectural Review (1st October 2007) entitled; What's in a Name?

It's difficult not to enjoy architectural site names. How could you resist Architechnophilia? When I looked at it in September [2007] it looked like the beginning of an architectural plan book but a bit of scrolling, as with bloglikeyougiveadamn, revealed a bunch of pleasures from Thomas Heatherwick's latest, through Dutch floating homes, some bad music to a fascinating blogumentary about building, actually mostly pouring concrete, in Tokyo. Like many blogs it relies on material sourced from elsewhere. That poses global problems of copyright for the whole web, not just blogs. But in the same way that a blind eye was turned to music sampling in the 80s maybe blog-like sampling of text and images is something media publishers are just going to have to put up with.

Sutherland Lyall is at
COPYRIGHT 2007 EMAP Architecture
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ps. if anyone has a copy of the October 2007 issue of Architectural Review and is willing to part with it please let me know

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holz said...

but techno links the sources, so how is that sampling?

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