February 17, 2009

mobile solutions for housing

The EDAR company is a charitable organisation that provides unique mobile shelters to those living on the streets. EDAR which stands for "everyone deserves a roof" is designed around a four-wheeled mobile unit which carries belongings and unfolds into a tent-like sleeping enclosure with a bed at night.

follow the link to learn more or donate to the cause.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

FEMA makes a $10k solution, artists make a
$1k solution, & a properly made tent can be $50

Do you want something that ACTUALLY WORKS in YOUR city ?
since yuppies “imagine” cheaper housing = lower property values
start a petition & VOTE in a new law to
decriminalize homelessness & grant the RIGHT to
pay the city a small fee to camp LEGALLY ,,, WAP-Tek.tk

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