December 20, 2008

tower-bridge proposal - 3XN

As part of the master plan for Copenhagen, 3XN created this hybrid proposal a multi-story facility and a bridge spanning the harbour (between Marmormolen with Langeliniekaj). The towers and the bridge constitute one single dynamic movement, swooping across the harbour defining the entry into a new revitalised waterfront.
The tower-bridge competition was won by Steven Holl (seen here) with a far more austere structure.

1 comment:

namhenderson said...

Hey Archi,
First comment.
Haven't checked in on your site in awhile.
While i always like Holl's stuff and wa shappy to see him "win" this competition a few weeks ago. I actually like the design you feature by 3XN much more.
As you said Holls seems more austere and while i do like austerity for simplicity's sake as much as anyone doesn't seems in this case as appropriate.
Also, what is up with the recent (see Zaha Saragova expo bldg for example) of bridge/building combos?

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