August 19, 2008

Architecture Schools

The Sundance Channel will be hosting a documentary plainly dubbed Architecture Schools a mini-series following the design-build programme at Tulane University. The project, to build a sustainable, design-forward home for a family returning to New Orleans is produced and directed by architects Michael Selditch and Stan Bertheaud and tells the story of twelve idealistic architecture students who are bringing a social mission into the classroom by working with communities and populations that do not traditionally have access to architects.

more via archinect


Maria said...

This is going to be awesome! I personally know Stan and Micheal- been excited about this doc/series for a long time. Watch it and spread the word!!!

mike said...

The first episode was great! I'll be sure to watch the second episode tonight. If anyone missed last week's premiere episode, it can be streamed for free here @

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