May 20, 2008

between Cooking and Architecture

This posting at first glance may be about the interstitial space between architecture and the art of cooking or referring to the intersection of food and architecture...where good edible design exists. It reminds me of the television programme with a pastry chef making these fantastic cakes in remarkable forms...including the Sistine chapel. But alas it really recalls de Geuze infamous remarks about us, that "Architects are like Seagulls, they make alot of noise, the eat alot of food, and they leave shit everywhere"

Cooking for Engineers
Pop-up shops

links to similar:
Liao Yusheng
Architectural Maccheroni

Food + Architecture
Eating Architecture
John Pawson's Living & Eating
the Cooked Kitchen
the Architect, the Cook and good taste


holz said...

the architect, the cook and good taste

mad architect said...

thanks for that link holz

Mike said...

This reminded me of a lecture by my favorite professor Marco Frascari where he introduced me to Food + Architecture. He talked mostly about Carlo Scarpa and how the methods of making food are often parallel to the methods of construction. It's very touching and "filling."

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