February 12, 2008

blog wunderlust

Zaha reinforcing a cult of personality, despite the controversy | Master of dry satire Ian Martin now at AJ | BD's replacement falls flat | briefs or boxers? | Folk Football: Landscape, Space and Abstraction | Australia to burn cane trash for fuel | Stacked bananas ala Hirst | Landscape architects set it straight | Nouvel ideas about green design | Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You | Do all the best creative organisations end with an M? | and this Laneway

1 comment:

Sarah McClure said...

Couldn't find a good email address for you, so thought I could get in touch with you this way. Reading your blog (found it through Jimmy at lifewithoutbuildngs), I thought you might be interested in an event called the Art Center Global Dialogues. Art Center is a Design College and this event is all about the global relevance of design in sustainability, business, climate change, culture, etc. Seem like it's right up your and your readership's alley. You can check the blog out here: http://blog.globaldialogues.eu/

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