January 2, 2008

Foster goes Big!!

With what is expected to be the largest structure in the world when complete, Norman Foster shows no sign of slowing down. The mega project called the Crystal Island to be built in Russia, on a peninsula located five miles from the city centre. In the words of the architect,
“I am very excited about this project – there is no equivalent to it anywhere in the world,”

The £2 billion project, which unremarkably resembles a Christmas tree, has come under much criticism before a single foundation has been cast. However despite the nay sayers, the project has already recieved preliminary planning permission.

The building, dubbed a city in a building, will have 900 apartments and 3,000 hotel rooms, as well as school for 500 pupils, a cinema, a amuseum, a theatre, a sports complex and a large public space, raised nearly 1,000ft with panoramic views over the Moscow's skyline.

The project is expected to be completed in 2014, and when complete will contain more floor space than any other structure on Earth.

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