September 17, 2007

The corporate offices for the German technology, lifestyle and fashion company Leonardo by the multi-disciplinary (dubbed transdisciplinary) practice 3deluxe.

The elevations recall the National Aquatics Centre for the 2008 Beijing Olympics by Architects PTW, even bearing a similar title - the Leonardo Glass Cube. However the strands made up of window mullions on the exterior, extend onto the landscape and interior creating an agile interplay between structure and nature despite the building's boxtastic extrusion.

The website by 3deluxe is a simple monochrome web projection lost in an excess of technology, in this case Flash that renders casual viewing unlikely.



PNWRA said...

That building is awesome! I wish I could read more about it, but I don't know German :-(

Great pictures though :-)

Anonymous said...

fyi, the national aquatics centre in beijing... not by HdM.

Taylor said...

das ist fantastisch!!!

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