August 28, 2007

A blogumentary about building in Tokyo, by Front Office Architects

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Anonymous said...

I would like to inform you about our living model of Yona Friedmans "Spatial City" in 3D Internet-World "Second Life".
Yona Friedman agreed to show "Spatial City" on virtual island "DEsign Island".

Yona Friedman, famous architect and visionary (born 1923) is called "father" of urban planners and idol of architects like Rem Kolhaas or MVRDV.
In the art scene he is well known because of his participation at "Dokumenta 11" and "Bienale Venice 2003".

"Spatial City" is the great visionary, conceptual, experimental architecture of Yona Friedman.
A city on multi levels, on which the inhabitants build their homes themselves.
And thats what we invite to the avatars of second life!
"Second Life" is very good for 3D building and building of social communities. So a living city will be developped and there will be some "life" and discussion.
We will document the whole process as the most important part of this experiment.
A virtual gallery shows Yona Friedmans ideas since 1957 to give the avatars the theoretical background of Yonas Ideas to build mobile cities by the inhabitants on structures.

We would appreciate it, if you could report on this project. Feel free to ask us for more information.
You can also participate, cooperate or just tell it others.
This is a non profit project, run by private persons.
DEsign Island in Second Life

DEsign Island Infos in the WWW

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