April 13, 2007

MoPo 2007 - Top 25 Architecture Blogs

Architechnophilia was featured in the MoPo 2007 - Top 25 Architecture Blogs at no.17

MoPo 2007 measures the popularity of architecture blogs by linking blogs (Technorati), subscribers (Bloglines), and hits (Google, and Google Images). The four parameters are objective figures and a way of representing popularity.


birkmeyer said...


I work for a firm Why Architecture in Los Angeles. A number of member read your blog and use it as a resource. We currently have a number of projects under construction (one of them our website) and would be interested to see what you think. Among them are the Grand Rapids Art Museum which will be the first LEED certified art museum in the country as well as a renovation a few of the galleries in the Art Institute of Chicago. We also are working on residential project, two of them involving Mr. Ando in California. We would interested to have you take a look and comment on some of our work particularly a house completed in japan a few years ago Casa Wakasa. Would it be possible to send you images and description for you to comment? Thanks

yamani said...


Epoxy Flooring said...

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I like your working style and commitment with the profession..
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