June 10, 2006

travel diary of an architect - whadiass!

10th June 06
-early morning flight out of Montserrat. Driving around the island as it sheds it twilight veil. The clatter of the brass band is obvious from the Queen's birthday parade. Waiting for the flight to board the new Chief Minister of the island rolls up with misses in tow, black SUV and a sole police outrider. This is no where odd, but within this sleepy island context it is almost unheard of. He walks around and to make stranger he's able to refer to everyone he walks past by name. One has to love the island life.

In Antigua, the girl at the front desk remarks that all I seem to do when I'm here is shop. You hear that Rem? Fancy a Caribbean Guide to Shopping? Bag juice, sweetie and coconut Vender and all? Now watching history unfold, another Caribbean nation's inaugural match at the World Cup Finals - go soca warriors (oddly the commentator says "soccer-warriors" instead). If this match draws we will celebrate, if T'dad win stay tune for the worlds biggest bacchanal (as we speak they have drawn with Sweden)

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