April 6, 2006

Critical Regionalism - a review

Critical Regionalism remains the most fruitful formulation of Modernism intensifying the role of cultural practices involved in the making of architecture. After the 1960s, taking cues from the socio-political atmosphere, the notion became strongly aligned with environmental and social responsibilty. It implied an approach of design & construction that would impact the landscape & local culture as minimally as possible - yet still deepen andstrengthen the way we regard, experience and value them. The architects that have drove the development of this dynamic movement over the last three generations, are as follows (in alphabetical order - hence the A to Z)

Aalto, Alavo
Barragan, Luis & Bawa, Geoffery
Correa, Charles
Doshi, BV
Eldem, Sedad
Fathy, Hassan
Godsell, Sean
Harris, Harwell Hamilton
Jarmund/ Vigsnaes
Kalach & Alvarez
Le Corbusier
Murcutt, Glenn
Niemeyer, Oscar
O'Gorman, Juan
Prasad, Shiv Nath
Rewal, Raj
Siza, Alvara
Tavora, Fernando
Utzon, Jorn
Villanueva, Carlos Raul
Warchavchik, Gregori


César said...

Quite interesting.
I think Eladio Dieste should can't be absent from this list. Maybe Felix Candela too.

Carla said...

Also to be noted, the ticino gang, Galfetti, Snozzi, and Botta.
And representing the underated richness of the U.S. south, W.G. Clark.

Anonymous said...

With X, Xenakis, who worked with Corbu.

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