March 24, 2006

S is for Siza

Santa Maria Church, Portugal

The work of Alvaro Siza establishes a dialogue with the site, through its placement and its sensitivity to the materials added with a profound social conscience. His can be defined as Modern architecture that is nourished by the poetry of society and the environment.

University of Oporto, Portugal


Anonymous said...

I saw that church in Portugal and I love it.

I'd like to know what do you mean by "profound social conscience". To my opinion, Alvaro Siza's building seems to be made on the contrary by an interior vision.

best regards

Excuse my english. I'm french

Rubiales said...

I've just discover your site and it's wonderful!
Nice words those wich you said about the great Siza... I agree with you 100%
By the way... do you you like so much Nouvel! I didn't like him at all! I've studied 2 years of architecture in France, and there was a lot of french people who really hate him! They infect me!
Long life for your blog, and sorry for my english! I'm spanish... :(

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