October 13, 2005


In Dubai, a zany boomtown afloat in plastic fantasy, unbridled ambition and rivers of cold cash.
Bigger. Brighter. More outlandish. Construction-fevered Dubai is almost Gatsby-esque in its audacious thirst for reinvention. This once-sleepy port of pearl traders and pirates is gunning to turn itself into one of the great capitals of the postmodern world.

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Camille said...

actually I think if you saw the national geographic documentary on the construction of these island groups ( the king is trying to build several more in similar forms) you would think it less tacky and even facinating. Its amazing when you see the extents of the construction process. At least I thought so.

mad architect said...

It was nice when there was just one. But now with the several there its a bit much, and wtf with the chain of islands scaled version of the world -

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