September 12, 2005

What does an architect do?

This architect builds stairs in heaven, and palaces of air on earth
Counsels building owners, translates dreams into spaces
Thinks about site, light and climate
Considers city and ground (price and image of the town)
Carefully considers the use of resources (special claim for passive sun energy and usage of rainwater)
Uses materials in a new way
Draws plans and details
Rules the state of technology, binds/ interconnects specialists in the planning
Finds good construction firms and professionals, coordinates construction work, supervises the raising of the building
Controls achievements and payments

that's what I do what about you??


Anonymous said...

Great Siteoff plan property in uk

Anonymous said...

obviously you're not doing a whole lot in barbados. Palaces of air? stairways in heaven (take the led zep off your iPod pal...).... :D

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