June 2, 2005

who mi be?

One of the more outstanding phrases used on the this peculiar but spectacular island is, "who mi be?" More of a statement than a question I will use this as a means to introduce myself for those that have been asking.

David Cuthbert,
Architect (RIBA II, Caribbean School of Architecture)
working presently in Montserrat under contract for the government
my client list has been dedicated to Montserrat for the last 3 years, since this has been my focus
I'm a BIG believer in the marriage of design consciousness + social consciousness - perphaps why I found myself in Monty
teaching at the Caribbean School of Architecture (only Anglo-phone school of architecture in the Caribbean), post graduate school was previously my most satisfying professional endeavour
In 1999 I became a European Scholar and I used the moola to fund grad school, travel and my dissertation
My dissertation title, cyberspace: the "real" post-colonial landscape - it was hard to write and is largely incomplete but I loved ever moment of it and every word written
I am a modernist by heart, but its tropical off shoot - think the work of Doshi, Corbusier in India, Aalto (to an extent - yes I know he was practicing in the cold), Glenn Murcutt and Kahn
The architects I feel most bonded to spiritually are Alvaro Siza, Eduardo Souto de Moura & David Adjaye
My most amazing architectural moment was about 5am before the sun rose properlly and walking to the bathroom at the Bundaddun centre in Australia seeing the cascading light on the sun fins - how did Glenn do it? Fuck me!
I've done masterclasses with Charles Correra, Glenn Murcutt & Douglas Cardinal - 2/3 weren't bad, the last one was a crock of shit
Favourite artists living; Steve Ouditt, Damien Hirst, Chris Cozier
the dead ones; Salvador Dali, Braque, Frida Kahlo....
The logo, is a nod to the photographs of Man Ray - and is a partial siloutte of a house in Curacao done in 1997
Biggest architectural ambition? To work 50/50 half in the classroom and half in practice.

Why on earth do I have this blog; simply because I'm an archi-geek, naw actually its to satisfy a void - there doesn't seem to be a (working) architectural portal for and about architects practicing in the Caribbean and Latin America, just wanted to do my part.

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