May 13, 2005

Special Needs Housing, Lookout

Originally uploaded by architechnophilia.
I love this set of buildings, constructed by my co-worker Atsumi, just prior to my arrival. The colours and informality of it are quite unique to the region.


yamani said...

hmm, i'd like to see more of this. i like the sun shades. this seems like it addresses that delicate balance i was referring to in my previous comment about the new and the vernacular. lovely.

i guess i should change my identity from "me" to yamani if i'm going to go commenting on people's blogs...oops.

mad architect said...

I must tell you I got confused I few times thinking me was me (not too smart without the required amounts of coffee). I have loads of examples like that. The brisse soleil has become my favourite means to control climatic conditions recently. Loads more photos to come.

yamani said...

kewl. i look forward to them. i put you in my favorite blogs!

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