May 13, 2005

give me MODERN or give me death

Originally uploaded by Remiss63.
Okay a bit over the top but can you blame me - this is gorgeous!


KevinS said...

Is something inherently better about Modern that other styles? If so what is it? The ability to distinguish the subtle qualities of that question is significant.

I would argue that 'styles' themselves are the problem. I prefer the language of modernism as well, but is it dangerous when it becomes just another language of architecture, not a way of thinking that loads to a particular way of making.

KevinS said...

Sorry, that should have meen, "lEads" to a particular way of making"


KevinS said...
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Camille said...

Oh you should get your hands on a copy of Adolf Behne's The Modern Functional Building, really good ideas but it can be a task to read.

Remiss63 said...

thanks for the reference to the architecture of harris armstrong, saint louis' first and foremost modern architect for the greater part of the 20th century.

you can find out more about his work at my blog, architectural ruminations,

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