April 9, 2005

Weekend post

its the weekend before my birthday and I must say I've been busy. Nothing to do with work (architecture) but just lyming. Dinner and drinks last night at my close friends, and then tonight a house warming at another. I may have to take it easy tomorrow just to be able to make work on Monday.

Anyhow...back to the matters at hand - architecture...and loads of it

Here are a few links worth looking at

we make money not art - a running blog on everything, architecture, design and art included funny enough. Most of this weekend's links are thanks to them

Studio HyBrid, the practice that does more installation type typologies - worth a look.

Architect David Hanawalt aka the blue prince....I dunno check the site out don't ask me

Then there's Nendo out of Japan. I don't know about you, but it seems the legacy created by Tadao Ando has just exploded recently. Japanese architects is where its at!! And I have one as a staff member - go me!!

Ok that's about it...check those out let me know if you like....don't be afraid to comment - good, bad or clueless

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Anonymous said...

link to David Hanawalt, Architect is



a musical instrument which is cooincidentally also a house...

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