April 2, 2005

The Pontiff, Pope John Paul II is with the eternal Father

My faith is strengthed yet my heart is saddened at the passing of his Most Holiness, The Holy Father Pope John Paul II. He is with the father at the final resting place, forever looking on to us, praying for our salvation and eternal peace to all. This is a most sacred moment for prayer for the Pontiff, his global congregation and those now delegated with the immense responsibility of divinely selecting our next Pope.
To keep this architectural, I would like to point attention to the church he created in Poland, his first created church as Archbishop and the first built during Communist Poland. I have been searching for details of this magnificent structure but seem to falling short. Who was the architect engaged with designinig such an enormous task? Details are needed, and will give an opportunity to those like me driven my faith to create architecture a moment of solice.

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