April 26, 2005

Clarendon new town to provide 24,880 residences

JISSunday, April 24, 2005

THE new town to be developed in Clarendon, as one of several millennium projects to complement Highway 2000, will offer the market 24,880 residences and 40 schools, according to Kingsley Thomas, managing director of the Development Bank of Jamaica.

The new town development will sprawl across 4,400 hectares of land.
In a breakdown of the housing solutions to be provided, Thomas who was giving a public lecture at the Management Institute for National Development, said that the development would include:
17,000 mixed housing solutions
3,000 townhouses
4,880 apartments
32 elementary schools and eight high schools
a hospital and a stadium.

The development is being led by the National Housing Trust.

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